Why Invest in a Granny Flat?

Road Thanks to the Australian Government, Granny Flats are now easier and faster to build. Adapt A Home aims to help mums and dads the chance to earn additional income by renting a granny flat out to tenants on your own property.
Here's some great reasons why investing in an Granny Flat is a sound investment for Australian Families.

Unlock Your Land Value Without Selling

Earn weekly income by building a granny flat on your land. Australian's are under tough economic circumstances and are turning to alternate and secure investments. What better investment than your own land which will provide your family with additional income.

Add Value to Your Property

Including a granny flat on your property is a positive way to add value to your home. These dwellings give families the chance to use a Granny Flat as a source of additional income in these challenging economic times.

Find out why Adapt a Home should be your first choice.

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