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Turn Your Backyard In to an Investment. We help you through the whole process from concept to construction. You'll rent it out in less than 2 months

Build a Granny Flat You'll Love

Our Granny Flats help meet the growing need for real estate investment at an affordable price. It's simple to get started in and provides a great return. Choose the size of Granny Flat below for pricing and information:

1 Bedroom - Under $83,000

We'll build a brand new 1 bedroom granny flat for under $83,000.

2 Bedroom - Under $110,000

A brand new 2 bedroom granny flat for under $110,000.

Why Invest in a Granny Flat?

Granny Flats provide families with an additional source of income in these challenging times. With Adapt A Home, we've found our service is second to none. The process is simple, here's some more great reasons to start building today:

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